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Who am I

A scientist fascinated by plants

Personal picture

2006-2009: I obtained my PhD in Plant Molecular Biology on the role of the ethylene signalling pathway in plant-bacteria interactions (2006-2009, University of Montpellier, France). This gave me a strong background in common tools used on the Arabidopsis thaliana a model plant species (PCR, qPCR, genotyping, mutant analysis, etc.).
2010-2014: Following my PhD, I studied seed germination using "omics" techniques (transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics) at the Jean-Pierre Bourgin Institute (INRA Versailles, France). I worked on both basic research (Arabidopsis seed germination) and applied research (NUTRICE project to develop innovative rice cookers). There, I started to learn about data analysis using R and RStudio.
2014-2017: I started a second post-doctoral position at the University of Amsterdam to improve tomato resistance to insect pests. During my work, I generated and analysed genomic datasets (DNA-Seq, RNA-Seq) which posed a considerable challenge in terms of analysis. Thankfully, I obtained a Marie-Curie Sklodowska Individual Fellowship (DURETO - 655656) to train myself thoroughly in programming, bioinformatics and data analysis (e.g. Machine Learning). .
2017-present: Presently, I work at the University of Amsterdam as a Data Scientist and Community Lead for researchers from two institutes of the Faculty of Science (SILS and IBED). I provide support in Data Science and Data Stewardship to wet-lab biologists that have little knowledge in programming and data analysis.

A plant biologist passionate about the next genomic frontiers

Since a decade now, the onset of Next-Generation Sequencing techniques has revolutionized our ability to decipher the DNA sequence of an organism. Moreover, this technology has now became cheap and accessible (Technology: the $1,000 genome (2014) Nature). Yet, while the technical part has become affordable, it still requires considerable know-how to analyse these types of data.

A recent entrepreneur, founder of BioData Services

In 2018, I have founded the BioData Services company to support small and medium-size companies for their needs in bioinformatics & genomics analyses. In addition, as an official Carpentries Foundation instructor, I regularly organize and participate to coding workshops where professionals get trained in programming and data analyses.

A supporter of academic researchers

On the academic side, I am employed at the University of Amsterdam among the Green Life Sciences research cluster to support fellow researchers in programming and data analysis related to basic and applied plant research. In addition, I regularly organise Software and Data Carpentry training workshops.
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